Art Department


Screen printing is a printing technique that uses silk screens interposed between the ink and the media. The materials printed upon can be varied, such as: textiles, paper, cardboard, metal, wood, etc..

Screen printing allows for high ink deposit which guarantees not only an intense color that lasts but also produces good opacity.

We offer flat printing up to 6 colors and color printing (4-color CYMK) on shirts.

Here are the main steps of the process of screen printing

  • Production of films
  • Screen preparation: film transfer and set-up on the press
  • Printing
  • Drying of the printed product


The art files sent for screen printing must meet certain criteria:

  • Adobe Illustrator (version CS3 or less)
  • Corel Draw (version X4 or less)
  • pdf. files designed using a vector format
  • Extension of files accepted: .ai .eps, .cdr, .ps
  • All strokes must be in outline (Outline Stroke)
  • Please convert all fonts to curves (outline)
  • Please provide a black & white or color visual .pdf file

Adobe Photoshop

  • Acceptable for 1-color printing
  • file must be photo-ready (at 100% size and at least 300DPI resolution)

Example of HIGH RESOLUTION logo

Example of LOW RESOLUTION logo

What to do if you do not have a vector format file of your logo? We offer a full range of graphic design services, such as: logo design, logo re-drawing, editing, etc.. Additional charges apply.


Embroidery is the art or handicraft of decorating fabric or other materials with needle and thread or yarn. This process is computerized and it also requires several steps:

  • Creation of an embroidery file based on the logo provided
  • Preparation/placement of hoops on items and installation onto embroidery machines
  • Embroidery
  • Quality control of final product


The art files to be used for embroidery must meet certain criteria:

  • Vector files are preferable
  • If not, a good quality document is required (.jpg, .bmp, .gif)
  • Minimum 150dpi resolution at 100% for the bitmap

Do you already have your embroidery file? We work with the most commonly-used embroidery programs. Just send us your .dst or .emb file!